Certificate of Deposit (CD)

Certificates of deposits offer greater returns on money for longer terms. Benefits include competitive interest rates, multiple term options and limited additions allowed. $1,500 opening deposit. Early withdrawal penalty may apply.

Investment Certificate of Deposit (CD)

Current Rate

Term LengthOpening DepositRateAPY
12 Month$1,500.001.50%1.50%
18 Month$1,500.001.75%1.75%
24 Month$1,500.002.00%2.00%
36 Month$1,500.002.25%2.25%
48 Month$1,500.002.25%2.25%
60 Month$1,500.002.50%2.50%
*APY is Annual Percentage Yield | Early Withdrawal Penalties Apply, Penalty is the Greater of $100.00 or 12 Months Interest

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